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    Casper WIP (Updated - 18/03/2013)


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    Casper WIP (Updated - 18/03/2013)

    Post by Casper on Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:08 am

        The Essentials
      Title: Casper.
      Meaning: Treasurer.
      Sex, and Orientation: Male - Straight.
      Species: Eastern Wolf, Arabian Wolf, Labrador Wolf, and Yukon Wolf Hybrid.
      Hour Glass: Yearling/One Year Old.
      Hierarchy: Delta/Third in Command.

        The Soul


      Background: WIP





        The Mirror
      Pigment Hue: Casper's main coat is a dark faded black, with golden brown, cream, ash grey, and white markings scattered all over his body.
      Optic Tint: His eyes are golden, with dark brown around his pupil. Faint yellow flecks are dotted around his eyes.
      Battle Wounds: He currently has no scars earned from fighting.

      Enemies: Luckily, he has none.
      Friends: He has yet to make any.
      • Mother: Isabella [Deceased]. Father: Sirius [Deceased]. Brothers: Rigel [Unknown], Apollo [Unknown]. Sisters: Bellatrix [Unknown], Karin [Unknown], Akari [Unknown], and Emiko [Unknown].
      Crush: He has none currently.
      Mate: Not yet.

      Current date/time is Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:02 am