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    Cencaira ♥ — "No, I'm not okay."



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    Cencaira ♥ — "No, I'm not okay."

    Post by Cencaira on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:05 am


    i don't even feel like a "friend" to some people... i feel more like an option or someone they run to when they need someone...

    NAME ;; Cencaira Myreiah May-Fire

    NICKNAMES ;; Caira, Myreiah, Cheerios

    HOURGLASS ;; 2 years old

    GENDER ;; Female

    SEXUAL ORIENTATION ;; Heterosexual

    VOICE ;; The depths of wisdom beseech the sweetly toned edges of her voice, twirled into the utter sense of beauty. She has a rather angelic tone, one that soothes the mind and can easily calm down any being. But whenever anger boils within her veins, her voice slowly changes into a more aggressive tone, considering she can't control her anger sometimes, her voice changes as well.

    FRAGRANCE ;; Her scent is that of a delicate, sweet honey, twirling and stringing deftly throughout the seductive aroma of fresh, meadow grown lilacs. A saccharine scent of supple vanilla lingers behind the initial burst of her wondrous perfume. The perfect blend of an intoxicating fragrance that is not to be forgotten, though never overwhelms you.

    CANINE ;; Polar wolf

    i don't trust people very easily. so when i tell you that i trust you, please don't make me regret it..

    "you're cute when your mad." yeah? well, i'm about to get really fucking adorable.

    WEIGHT ;; 60 pounds

    HEIGHT ;; 12 inches

    BUILD ;; She has a very small, fragile looking body. Because of this, maybe people think she doesn't have enough strength and can easily be defeated by everything. Their opinions are dead wrong. Even though her body looks really fragile looking, Cencaira has some pretty trained-well muscles that are underneath her coat, which is hard to tell, considering her coat is a little thick. Her small body helps her run for a while, for she has some really built stamina built in her. She's also built for running, for it's a trait she shares with her mother. She shares her genes with her mother, for she also got her trait of being able to dodge things in a good amount of time. She can easily get annoyed whenever someone tells her or even thinks that she's too weak of how her build looks like. Don't let it fool you, she does have some strength built in her.

    COAT COLOR ;; Her coat is an astonishing color of a deep, pure white color.

    EYE COLOR ;; Her eyes are a piercing lavender which slightly twirls in with the color of purple on the edges of her iris and at the corners of her pupil. The light lavender color slightly blends in with a more darker, neon purple in some spots of her eyes. These colors of her eyes will leave you breathless and you'll be sure that they'll be stuck in your head for a long time.

    MARKINGS / SCARS ;; Cencaira has a couple of scars, mostly of them are from accidents, and some markings were done on purpose. But, these markings and scars are not even noticeable, for her fur covers them well.

    if someone points at you, laughs, and then calls you a loser in front of everyone.. here's what to say, "i'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for your mirror."

    i'm not even on drugs. i'm just weird.

    PERSONALITY ;; Cencaira has had many years of hard experiences. Her years have been filled with complications, trouble, catastrophe, failure, and sacrifices. All of these years has finally made it' sway to make this female emotional. She sees the world as a terrible place to be in, with nothing but full drama. Because of this, she has a hard time with socializing with people, for she's pretty much never trusted anyone in her life since then.

    Cencaira can treat people differently in just matters of seconds. At first she can a sweet, compassionate female like she was before, but in just seconds she can turn into a complete stubborn and rude female. She wouldn't even care if you have a problem with how she acts towards you or how she talks. It's not her fault she's become into one of those people who literally don't give a flying crap about people's feelings, especially because of the people in her past didn't even care about her emotions. So in revenge, she decided to act the same way. She wants them to suffer the same way she did.

    Cencaira can be rather outspoken, meaning she is always standing up for what she believes is the right thing to do. She is always the first to stand up in a fight alongside her companions, and won't hesitate to show they are her main priority. She can show this by defending them and sharing her compassion. She can also be unconsciously shy, subtle, and definitely hold a soft spot for the people she cares about the most. Her social skills aren't that great, so she can come across as a boring feminine, but if a person gave her a chance, she could be the best thing that's ever happened to someone, and maybe, if they think throwing her emotions off a cliff is a good idea, she can be the worst.

    She holds a secret, in which comes from her past. What she doesn't realize is that everybody would judge her because of it. She is always at a constant war with herself, with her secrets, looks, personality, and her temper. She believes everything that people tell her. Telling her something like, "You're completely useless." "You're pathetic." "Why are you even alive? Shouldn't you be dead by now? I mean, look at you!" She'll believe everything. She believes that telling her past would severe the bonds she makes, while another part of her wants to be completely truthful and honest. Since both are two important things, she can't choose between the two. She often seems to have a massive anxiety attack from this, and its grows more, day by day.

    Cencaira can be rather guarded at times, especially around males. She usually acts as boring as a female could get, and very rarely would anybody see her being flirtatious with someone, for her reasons to the point to it being completely obvious is her secrets. She always wanted love, and used to believe in it. But how could she ever love someone? The truth behind her secret would ruin it; everything.

    If someone ever did catch Cencaira's heart, it'd have to be someone who can be understanding to how she feels and what's going on in her previous life. Patient is a plus, for it takes time to figure her out and capture her heart. Being loved and returning the affection as much as the person does is something she cannot openly express, and would need some time to get used to the fact, for her social skills are extremely poor and can barely make someone's day.

    To capture her heart isn't easy than you think it might be. There are many things that you have to be in order to be her secret admirer. If you think it's a good idea that you can mess around with her emotions and throw them off a cliff, you're messing around with the wrong person, for she's had enough of people messing around with er emotions and how she's feeling. Many people in her past years literally didn't care, so, she slowly learned to keep her emotions to herself. That's part of the reason why she's so quiet.

    You most definitely have to be understanding and attentive. She wants a male who will always listen to her problems, a person who can understand what she's going through. Someone who can relate to her problems as well. Finding a person like that, especially a male is tough, well, for Cencaira at least, for a lot of people she knows doesn't suffer like she does. If you can be that kind of person who can understand, who never regrets having her in your life, and someone who will be supportive and back her up, then you definitely have a chance that you'll win her heart.

    She's known as being the tempered one. One little mistake or bad comment can make her infuriated. She'll even sometimes back talk to that one person, but she'll rarely do this, for she doesn't want to make the situation even worse than it is. If you think pushing her buttons will be so hilarious to you, think twice before you think on doing so, for she doesn't take this as a joke at all. In fact, she'll plan on taking revenge by doing the same thing to you, just.. ten times worse than you think. Many people hate her because of this, but it's honestly not her fault. She was born this way; meaning she's bipolar. She can't control it.

    Apparently, her bipolar side is a strait she shares with her father. The only difference there is between the two is she can't control her anger because once she's aggravated, she can't control her emotions. Her dad can easily control his anger, and Cencaira has always wanted to know how he can easily control the monster inside him, for on her side, she can't control anything, except if her father helps her out.

    If you think you can control everything she does and become bossy at her, you have a high chance of her snapping at you. She hates it when people go off and tell her how she should do this and hates those type of people who think everything should go in their way. It can easily get on her nerves. Stay away from her if you're one of those people because you are sure to be dead.

    Trying to starting and continuing conversations is something difficult for Cencaira to do. That's one thing she hates about herself, because it makes people not want to talk to her, considering she's very boring. Though, even if someone gave her a chance to at least try and start socializing with someone, then maybe she can keep the conversation going. There might be some awkward silences here and there, and she hates it when that happens, but she'll always try and find a way to make a conversation.

    She adores pulling pranks on pack members. Pranking members is another one of her favorite things to do. She will always be found on pranking people, and can sometimes go overboard that people will sometimes get mad at her. Mad or not, she will never apologize. The people who have inspired her is mainly Blood On The Dance Floor and her physco brother who will always pull a prank on her. If you think pulling a prank on her is funny, she'll laugh as well, but will also plan on getting revenge back. So, watch your back, because you never know when she's planning to prank you.

    Don't ever ask Cencaira to tell you about her past. Her past has been a difficult time for her and it's impossible for her to explain and remember all those terrible memories that has happened, especially to her parents, considering they hated her with all her life, especially her dad. Her dad never excepted her the way she was, but her mother didn't find her any different. She found Cencaira has a beautiful daughter. Even her own brother doesn't accept her, considering he finds her different and not the same she was before. She has never told them about the difficult times she's been having and her depression, and she probably will never get the chance to, considering they banned her from ever having contact with her own family now.

    All in all, Cencaira can be a great best friend, and a loyal member. Even though she can often be interrupted by her thoughts and the drama that happens in everyday life, you can conclude her to being a friendly compassionate female, who in the end makes the right decisions. Though the choice of her secret lays hidden behind her mask, but gradually, with the help of her companions, maybe she could eventually let loose and be the wonderful feminine she always was, and maybe perhaps, she can find someone who she can love and return affection.

    i never stopped loving you, i just stopped showing it.

    if you ever need someone or someone to talk to, i am totally here for you.

    Hearing people's problems. She'll always be that one person who will understand what you're going through in your life and what you do to make yourself feel better. She'll always try her very best to fix people's problems, no matter how difficult the situation sounds. If she has to do something to make someone happy again and make the problem better, she'll do whatever she wants them to do, no matter what the consequences are.
    Running. Her small, fragile looking silhouette helps her run for miles and miles, considering she has many stamina built inside of her. It's a trait she shares with her own mother, and holds this trait proudly.
    Pulling pranks. There are days where Cencaira can make the best prank ideas, and will normally be a very bubbly person if someone thinks they should do a prank on someone.
    Keeping secrets. Many wolves have spilled out all her secrets to other wolves in the past. They especially spilled her secrets to their friends and ever since then, people have been telling her rude stuff and treating her like crap because of what people have been gossiping about, which most of them weren't even true. Cencaira knows it's a wrong thing to do. That's why she vows to herself that she will always keep people's secrets, for she knows how much they would suffer if she didn't.
    Making people laugh. If she knows you too well, then she will surely know how to make you laugh. If she doesn't know you as much, then she'll find a way. She loves seeing pack members being ecstatic and laughing instead of feeling down and feeling useless. She knows the pain they feel, for she also feels the same way. She's now waiting for that one person who will also try and make her laugh whenever she feels down or even infuriated, but from all the people who have been trying to make her laugh has failed somehow.
    Honesty. She knows how to be truly honest to people and will always be honest, even when she doesn't feel like being so. There might be days where she doesn't be truthful to her pack members and it may be because she has a lot on her mind and can't concentrate, or because she feels depressed over something.

    Describing her problems. She isn't those pack members who can easily describe and explain on what her problems are going. It's a very difficult thing for Cencaira to do, and will sometimes think that keeping her emotions to herself is the only option she has. If Cencaira ever feels like she wants to explain her problems to you, you're gonna definitely have to be attentive and actually care, cause if you act like you do when in reality, you don't and you can't wait for her to shut her mouth, then there will be a chance that you'll bring her down to depression. If you want her to explain her situations to you, you're gonna have to encourage her to do so, for she won't tell you everything and can easily lie to people out of it.
    Her temper. Her bipolar side is her ultimate weakness and forever will, for she struggles on keeping it in control. She may cuss here and there, but don't be surprised, for she does it on accident and not on purpose. There are gonna be some times where she'll talk back as well, and not in a nice way, because she sure knows how to make up some really rude comments. Her comments will sometimes even leave people to shut up, which is something she wants to happen. She can never control the demon that tries to escape and control her.
    She's very emotional. Cencaira's been like this for a while now and she's starting to realize that this is the one thing that makes her weak. She'll believe anything she hears about herself and will try to be that one perfect person they all want her to be, but, she just can't. Sometimes if someone says something completely rude, she'll get emotional. If someone she holds deeply in her heart tell her something she's never expect them to say, she'll become completely depressed and would definitely feel like someone has just tore her heart from her chest. It damages Cencaira more than you could ever imagine.
    Trusting people. She has a major difficulty in doing this. Because of all the people she's trusted in the past few years, they've all betrayed her. Every single one. And because of this, she has had a harder time sending pack members her honesty and trust, for she doesn't want to experience that heartbreaking feeling anymore.

    HABITS ;;
    She has this weird habit on pacing the floors and this will only happen when she's having an anxiety attack. She get's anxiety attacks easily, so you will often find her overreacting and thinking deeply.

    LIKES ;;
    People who can make her laugh. She adores to laugh and loves pack members who can be completely funny. She obviously loves comedy.
    Flowers. Yes, this may sound weird, especially when you think she's the type who doesn't like flowers, but she adores all different kinds of flowers. She loves how they look like and their beautiful vivid looking colors. Her favorite flower has to be roses.
    Music. She adores listening to music and she pretty much listens to music everyday. Especially to her favorite bands like Blood On The Dance Floor, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Mayday Parade, Black Veil Brides, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, ect.

    Betrayal. She's had enough of this and she knows that it hurts her feelings a lot. Seeing people betray her in front of her face is something she can't handle very well and it's a reason why she breaks down. She has many other reasons why she breaks down, but this is the main reason why.
    Gossipers. She can't stand it when she's around people who love to spread around rumors and gossip to people about their secrets or what they've heard from a friend of theirs. These people can easily get on her nerves and she wishes they never existed.
    Rumors. Damn, does she hates these as well. There are always gonna be people who spread rumors around. Yes, Cencaira has spread rumors before about other people she doesn't like, but she knows it's a wrong thing to do, now that she knows how people feel when they get gossiped around on things that are definitely not true.

    some people you know were dropped on their heads as babies. some were clearly thrown in the air, hit the ceiling fan, bounced off the wall, and fell out the window.

    maybe you should eat your makeup so you can try and be pretty on the inside, bitch.

    HISTORY ;; This is work in progress.

    FAMILY ;;

    — Azenna; Mother; Living

    — Kastel; Father; Living

    — Vera; Sister; Deceased

    — Castor; Brother; Living

    MATE / PUPS ;; Neither, but she is somewhat interested in finding love. Though she doubts it's ever gonna happen.

    SECRET ADMIRER ;; No one has captured this female's heart, and there are a couple of steps you have to complete in order to do so.

    FRIENDS ;; No one, and she thinks she might never get a single friend, for she has a hard time trusting pack members lately.

    BEST FRIENDS ;; Haha, you make me laugh. I don't think anyone is gonna enter in this category.

    UNTRUSTED ONES ;; No one. It's easy to become enemies with Cencaira, but she would like to keep this blank forever.

    keep bothering me and i'll add your name to my 'kill' list. it's a long list, and i have no problem with adding one more name to it.

    i don't hate you. my attitude just has problems with your personality, that's all.

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    Re: Cencaira ♥ — "No, I'm not okay."

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    *Dies of awesomeness* Grrr. You've Been accepted! You may now start RP!

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