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    Alley, The Bio of the Alphess


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    Alley, The Bio of the Alphess

    Post by Alley on Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:12 am

    The Essentials

    Name: Alley
    Gender: Female/Fae
    Species: Timber/ Red wolf mix
    Age: Two years of Age
    Rank: Alpha Female

    The Soul

    Personality: Alley is a kind and sweet wolves who treats her pack like her own friends. She is aggressive around the members who try to hurt a pack member. She'll quickly break up a fight if needed. Most of the time, she's a emo chick.
    History: When Alley was a pup her family was fled out of here because of the forest fire. The fire destroyed her home. It took a while for the trees to grow back so the just stayed on the Georgia/Tennessee line until the trees were back. Soon, she moved back here when all of her pack members pairished. She soon decided to make a pack here in Georgia.
    Strengths: Yet to come
    Weakness: Yet to come
    Likes: Yet to come
    Dislikes: Yet to come

    The Mirror

    Height: About 0.6 meters
    Weight: Around 120-125 lbs.
    Eye-hue: A Aqua Blue color.
    Scars: Yet to come


    Enemies: Hoping for none
    Friends: Not yet
    Meikio- Father- Dead
    Sherene- Mother- Dead
    Nico- Little brother- Dead
    Shira- big sister- Dead.
    Crush: Not yet
    Mate: Not yet

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