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    }$t!tch{: "Crazy? Crazy?! Who are you calling crazy?!?!?"



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    }$t!tch{: "Crazy? Crazy?! Who are you calling crazy?!?!?"

    Post by Stitch on Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:15 pm

      The Essentials

    Name: Stitch
    Gender: male
    Species: scene wolf(manedXgrey wolf)
    Age:2(16 human years)
    Rank: healer

      The Soul

    Personality: he is bold, immature, and assumed insane.
    History: W.I.P.
    Strengths: he is very creative
    Weakness: he has an unusual fear of rodents
    Likes: attention, being crazy, neon colors
    Dislikes: rodents, silence, boring-ness

      The Mirror

    Height: he is much smaller than a male wolf
    Weight: he is much thinner than an average male, so he is lighter
    Coat: shades of grey (i'll post ref later, it won't allow me)
    Eye-hue: turquoise
    Scars: he is covered in scars all over his front legs, some look like stitches


    Enemies: none
    Friends: anyone who is nice to him
    Relatives: W.I.P.
    Crush: none yet
    Mate: none

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    Re: }$t!tch{: "Crazy? Crazy?! Who are you calling crazy?!?!?"

    Post by Alley on Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:39 pm

    Accepted! You may now RP!

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